• Date:february 2019
  • Category:illustration

The story is set in a forest, a special place for the research of oneself.
A little girl sees a fox on the edge of the forest. She decides to follow it ignoring the danger that she can run. The fox escapes, until the girl meets a fantastic animal that awakes something within herself, so she can discover her beauty and the beauty of nature. There is no longer the desire for possession but sharing and so the girl can finally run together the fox surrounded by a nature full of life. A friendship is born: the fox and the child are no longer alone. Now there are two foxes, one of which looks at the reader inviting him to start this journey to discover himself.
The peculiarity of the story is that each image is linked to the following in order to create a single large illustration. So the printed story can be put in “feet” and become a table illustration to brighten up the days with its colors.