• Client:Our Planet Week
  • Date:March 2021
  • Category:illustration

Illustrations created for the Our Planet Week challenge, an illustration challenge created in order to raise people’s awareness to respect for the environment and nature.

The themes to be represented were: Protect, Energy, Biodiversity, Reuse and Reduce, Voice.


Protect – Home is the place where we feel protected, safe. Nature should also be our common home: a place to protect in order to feel protected.



Energy – Even from what seems dead, the lifeblood can spring, that same lifeblood that permeates sky and earth.



Biodiversity – Two different looks, two different natures… but what joins and feeds them is much greater than what divides them because it simply welcomes them.


Reuse and Reduce

Reuse and Reduce: sail for a better future.



Voice – “I don’t know where I will be when our earth will burn but wherever I am, I will fight because another story is possible” Appunti verso la fine del mondo – The Sun